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Download to more than one pc

  Anon-222974 22:35 25 Feb 2014

I have a desktop pc connected to the web through a virgin media cable modem. It's connected to a Belkin wireless router that my wife uses for her laptop internet connection. I'm thinking of buying Kaspersky internet security suite for 3 computers using this pc, and I have no issues installing it myself, but I don't know how my wife will be able to download and install it on her laptop. Before I commit to buy, I need to know how these options are available. Can you help please. Also, the last time I tried Kaspersky Antivirus with my old pc running XP, it stopped my MS Outlook emails from working, and I ended up doing a system restore to get it all back, so I'm a little cagey anyway.

  Anon-281249 22:54 25 Feb 2014

When you start the Download, chose "Save" rather than "Run",

You can then Run it yourself and afterwards, transfer the file to her Lappy

  Anon-1725228 09:04 26 Feb 2014

Personally, I'd say 'why buy'? Most of us use free AV with no problems. If you do go the Kaspersky route, if your wife is connected to the internet, she can download her copy of the program using the details that K supply.

  Anon-222974 17:18 15 Mar 2014

Thanks for your help. After having issues with Avast Free messing up IE11, I went over to AVG Free, my wife has done the same on her laptop. All seems fine, it's just that Kaspersky is rated highly for it's dealings with the recent 'Ransomware' threats.

  Anon-1725228 11:55 17 Mar 2014

I've read that the paid for (£16) of Malwarebytes will prevent infection by the Cryptolocker virus.

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