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Downgraded Windows No Backup disc Lost Photos etc

  Loweja 13:36 25 Apr 2017

I used a windows 7 installation disc to downgrade from Windows 10. My Mobile phone was not compatible with Win1O and I wanted to connect my desktop pc to pick up a signal from the mobile. So after I installed the Win7 version I realised I had forgotten to save all my photos on another disc and now have lost all my photos that were on the Win1O. I didn't uninstall 10, just put the Win7 installation disc in and run it. I have no backup files etc at all. Question is, Is their any way to retrieve my photos.?. Thankyou for any help Kind Regard Loweja

  Archonar 16:00 25 Apr 2017

Recuva (click here) may be able to recover the files if they were not overwritten. If it now boots to windows 7 and you ran the installation media without setting it up to dual boot then your windows 10 has been deleted for windows 7 to be installed. That doesn't necessarily mean that the photos are gone though so see what recuva finds and hopefully the photos can be recovered.

In future, and to other readers, I would recommend either backing up or partitioning your hard drive so that if you need to reinstall windows you can do so without losing any data.

  Loweja 06:41 29 Apr 2017

Firstly, thankyou Archonar and rdave13 for your replies. I decided to download and install the Recuva program. Took nearly 2hrs for it to find millions of files etc. Then it just started flashing days. That is saying by memory 14days to go, 7 days to go, 12 days to go, it just kept the flashing different numba of days for over 45mins so finally thought this can't be right so stopped it and turned it off. I am not computer savvy at all and don't understand much so any help would be appreciated. Kind regards Loweja

  bumpkin 15:35 29 Apr 2017

Try this click here

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