Don't know why SSD is full

  Kit Fynaardt 05:43 03 Jun 2017

I'm on windows 7. I have a 200 GB SSD with my OS installed in it, as well as graphics card drivers and other such things. Looking inside, I highlighted all files and checked the properties. ~48 GB worth of files. All fine. Looking one layer up, at the SSD itself, widows is showing me "7 GB free of 111 GB". That doesn't add up. Where is the rest of my 200 GB I should have? Why are there ~50 unexplained GB that don't show up when I check the properties of ALL the folders in my SSD? I know about how windows automatically allots space for backup reference points, and I already disabled those. I have also deleted the NVIDA clutter files that get left behind. Sorry, I am not very techy, and I believe I may need to reformat my SSD. Is there another way? What is the easiest way to get back those unexplained 50 GBs? What's the quickest way to get this thing formatted? Thanks for any assistance.

  onthelimit1 10:17 03 Jun 2017

Try the free WinDirStat for a start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 03 Jun 2017

What shows up in disk management? you may have hidden partitions on your SSD.

  john bunyan 16:00 03 Jun 2017

How many restore points do you have? 2 is plenty.

  rdave13 16:36 03 Jun 2017

I don't run system restore on an SSD just create images. On the other hand running a 1TB spinner on another laptop I've set it to 1%. That takes a horrendous 9.14 GB space. Disabling hibernation also saves a huge amount of GBs. I don't like Fast Startup (Fast Boot in windows 8) as I see it makes very little difference. You only boot up once for a session and shaving off a few seconds on boot is neither here nor there in my humble opinion. Treezise free might be a better option to WinDirStat.

  Kit Fynaardt 17:29 03 Jun 2017

Update: I have no restore points at all. (I'm not worried about anything on this computer, it's for games only) I have only 1 partition, it's 100 MB of the System Reserve Partition that Windows automatically sets up. There is not free space to be gotten from it. I unfortunately couldn't decipher any useful information from WinDirStat. It's too technical for me. I am planning to back up and reformat the SSD, but if there is any other way, please tell me. Thanks.

  rdave13 17:48 03 Jun 2017

Disable hibernation first. That will give you space. Next run Disk Cleanup including system files.

Use Ccleaner free to finish off. Go to Control Panel, Admin tools, Defragment and Optimise drives, and it should show it is trimming the drive not defragging it.

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