Dolby Advanced Audio Startup Issues

  wescliff 13:11 14 Jun 2017

Have and issue with this on my Lenovo G500 laptop. After upgrading to Windows 10 the Dolby Advanced Audio never worked as it was not compatible. However after a return to factory settings (Win8) and reinstall of Win 10 over the top, it made a better job of it. The Dolby Advanced Audio remained but I also got Dolby Digital Plus, which does work perfectly well. Problem is the original Win8 program is still there and is still in StartUp. So I get an error message every time I start the thing.The working replacement version is not in StartUp, so I have to start it manually. Problem is despite searching everywhere I can think of i cannot find where the shortcuts, commands or whatever to run these at StartUp are located. I just need to switch them over. A bit loath to uninstall the old one in case it takes something down from the one that does work. Grateful for any help (They are not in the StartUp folder). Funnily my Lenovo desktop uninstalled the old version and replace it with the new one when it was upgraded to Win10, and I can't find where the startup files are on this one either.

  wescliff 15:06 14 Jun 2017

Found it - the commands are in Task Scheduler

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