Does Windows 8 sense you when you walk in back to your computer?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:01 02 Feb 2013

I've got Windows 8 in bootcamp on my iMac 27" mid 2010, and I've noticed that when I lock it so I have the lock screen picture showing, (which changes all the time using bing pictures thanks to 'bing my lock screen' which is lovely) and when I come back into my room even before I pass my door into my iMacs sight the screen automatically awakes (that is if only the screen has gone to sleep). It is so welcoming that, the screen coming on automatically even before I walk into my macs sight and thanks to the different pictures each time it is even nicer and sure makes me smile. I did not even know about this feature let alone can I even find anything about this feature online so I'm wondering if any one else has noticed this welcoming thing with windows 8? I think it is lovely and is become one of the many reasons I love windows 8 over Mac OS X. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer Mac OS X because the simplicity but the features in windows 8 which I love and find so welcoming such as the start screen and lock screen etc in my opinion on their own make windows 8 seem so homely.

I know a lot hate windows 8 regarding the big change and I am only speaking as for myself, my opinion what I think, but sorry if made this a bit long casted but I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed that feature where it senses you. And if it is using the webcam to sense then that damn well is clever how it even senses me before I even walk into my room whuch is kinda like an "L" shape due to where my wardrobe is so how the is any chance my mac could even see me is very odd. unless its the shadow it sees but I'm shocked if that is the reason as I never knew the camera would be that brilliant. lol

  rdave13 22:05 02 Feb 2013

Web cam security feature, either Mac or Windows. Check the security features on both. Personally I think you are stupid leaving the PC on sleep or hibernation instead of logging off and shutting down. Just my humble opinion.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:57 02 Feb 2013

And if I kept logging out then that will mean everything I am doing closing each time. If I'm not at my mac for more than an hour then I turn it off but usually its only around about 15 minutes at most because I'm on and off really so what do you think is more stupid? turning it off/logging off when I've gone for just about five minutes or so to help my mum with washing or something or locking it (goes to sleep after about 5 minutes) and then when I'm back I am quickly back doing what I were doing before?

What is silly is turning things on and off on and off. its just like when someone is flicking a light switch on and off all the time. Stuff doesn't like to start stop start stop, because that's when things break down.

If it is more then about half an hour then I will just put it into hibernate or something but any less than that I just can't see why you would keep logging out/shutting down as that slows down what you are doing having to wait for things to load again.

So ok that's your opinion, and this is mine, and I won't start any opinion war as I don't think the FE will like that lol but you could of said it in a nicer way than "I think you are stupid..."..

  rdave13 23:07 02 Feb 2013

Jwbjnwolf please accept my humble apologies on calling your actions 'stupid'. For leaving the PC for such short time I wouldn't even consider 'sleep' let alone hibernation. As a matter of fact I've disabled Hibernation to save a big amount of space on my HDD.

Just log off. If five minutes then don't log off. Just lock the screen.

Choices can be difficult at times.

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