Does vista delete my back up hard drive?

  razor_python 22:25 30 Jun 2007

when u do a clean instaltion of vista will it wipe my recovery hard drive or recovery partion or what ever it is on a hp

  anskyber 22:36 30 Jun 2007

Yes, I think it does. If you upgrade by an upgrade disc either though clean install or normal upgrade of an OEM XP install it in effect goes.

  dan* 22:54 30 Jun 2007

Yes it does.

If you do a upgrade it keeps the files and settings. Mine did:)

  razor_python 01:14 01 Jul 2007

but will i be able to use my recovery disc

  [email protected] 06:23 01 Jul 2007

yes,just boot from the recovery disks and it puts everything back to factory settings, this is the only way i can get vista off a compaq (hp) pc.

  [email protected] 06:24 01 Jul 2007

and it puts the partition back wether you want it or not!

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