Does SP1 for Vista spell the death of Vista

  LABMAN 21:40 28 Mar 2008

Hi Folks,

I don't use Vista myself ,prefering to stick to XP home, so I'm not qualified to comment on it's qualities so bare with me on this one.

As an outsider looking in on the Vista/XP debate a lot of people who were using Vista and sticking with it were still waiting on SP1 to resolve some outstanding issues, similarily a lot of people who had installed but removed it and went back to XP were waiting on SP1 before jumping in again.

Now I've been reading on bloggs and different parts of the net that SP1 seems to be causing more problems than it was meant to cure. There are reports of people with Vista running happily on there machines who can't download SP1 as it has conflicts with hardware or drivers installed on their machines.

To me this has put me of Vista for good and I think a lot of people are propably feeling the same.

The question now is this, has SP1 been the saviour of Vista that everyone was looking for or is it the final nail in it's coffin and Vista is going to turn out to be like ME a stop gap operating system.

  anskyber 22:16 28 Mar 2008

To be honest with you LABMAN you would be better trying Vista for yourself. Rather than reaching conclusions from the press or blogs or even those who want to stay with XP for their own very good reasons but seem to have to criticise something they say they do not want, give it a go.

I have watched very closely the SP1 debate and there has been an awful lot said which is simply fuelled by a somewhat irrational dislike of Microsoft. I like Vista, I have SP1 and I have many in my family circle who are in the same position.

Look at the other thread about regretting Vista and there are all sorts of opinions.

The issue about SP1 and drivers is predominantly an issue about how drivers were installed on machines rather than driver failures. MS have taken the view, reasonably in my opinion that they will withhold SP1 to those machines which have difficulties until they can be fixed by updates then the SP will be released. Much of the recent moaning has been because people want SP1 and are impatient to try it.

The early days of Vista were not helped by some third party manufacturers who were slow to bring out viable drivers. 29% of all Vista crashes were laid at the door of nVidia. In fairness even MS failed to deliver fully on their own drivers. Things are very different now.

Windows 7 is meant to be 2 years away. If it is it will be the first time MS have even come close to their predictions for release.

  LABMAN 22:30 28 Mar 2008

Hello anskyber,

I'm not trying to reach any conclussions regarding Vista, I've looked at it in the shops and liked what I've seen of if, when I got my new PC last year I mainly stuck with XP as it was £20 cheaper,

What I'm looking at is the fact that SP1 for Vista was meant to be the cure for all it's woes either real or imagined, yet posts such as this

click here&

don't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in those who may still be undecided, it seems to me as if it's caused as many problems as it was meant to cure.

  anskyber 22:46 28 Mar 2008


Well it is a slightly sensational headline. I read the whole blog which prompted the article and you will find very many happy people there as well.

The driver point is the one I made. Folk were frustrated they could not get SP1 particularly since they think they have the latest driver, which they have. The drivers work fine but some were installed in a way which was incompatible with SP1 and therefore needed to be fixed so they could.

It's not a failure of SP1 but a staged lead out. Others were upset that their language was not in the first phase so in a way it's actually enthusiasm from early adopters here which has led to disappointment they will need to wait a little longer.

There is also a bit of techno babble here from enthusiasts. The majority of Vista users will be blissfully unaware of it's existence until it arrives in their update tray soon.

  anskyber 22:49 28 Mar 2008

PS these are the famous 8 issues. click here

  LABMAN 23:25 28 Mar 2008

Hello again,

I understand your point of view as well anskyber all my original post was meant to convey however was that SP1 was meant to be the miracle cure for Vista.

It according to everyone was going to have all those out here who were sitting on the fence, and that apparently includes lots of big companies world wide who lets face it Microsoft depend on taking up Vista rather than joe public, all running out to upgrade.

However from what I've seen so far SP1 is creating as many problems as it's solved for users, for instance why should a machine happily runing Vista be refused the SP1 upgrade.

As I said I'd have loved to got Vista but the price put me off at the time, I've even been toying with upgrading to it and Office 2007 as I was thinking of doing a Microsft training course that requires them, but to be honest this has totaly put me off the notion.

I've messaged the FE regarding seeing if this posting could be transferred to the speakers corner to see if it will generate a wider response as I'm just curious to see what the general feeling of the memebers are on this one.

  SteveWH 23:38 28 Mar 2008

I installed SP1 and am noticing various issues that seem now to be fixed though they never were show stoppers for me.

I had a problem inserting films into PP2007 this has now gone. Media centre is working now with no issues before I had a problem with wildly fluctuating CPU usage.

Boot up times are much faster. File transfers too. All in all everything feels much more snappy.

I have never had a Vista crash and I am very happy with the OS.

  [email protected] 23:53 28 Mar 2008

sp1 was ready some time ago, all the nvidia hotfixs were written for it. and other new drivers, microsoft dragged their feet so the various software houses released the drivers and fixes from their own sites, if you have installed these as they came available and install sp1 via windows upidate it will be rather small and there will not be any major performance increase. to my mind vista's biggest two problems are gamers and business's. neither want anything to do with it.

  LABMAN 00:24 29 Mar 2008

I've just managed to get onto hotmail there and apparently I did post this in speakers forum but the FE moved it here.

  LABMAN 16:15 29 Mar 2008

It looks as if nobody else want's to add anything to this so I'll tick as resolved.

  tenplus1 14:55 30 Mar 2008

I've used Windows in all it's flavours since Windows 3.1 and they sem to hit good ground with Win98se and Winxp sp2, but the nVista made an appearance and totally threw them off track again...

They have over-stupified the interface to such an extent where single clicks in XP take more than 4 to reach something specific... It's too busy/big as well as having a serious lack of proper driver support in certain areas...

Personally I think the total re-design was so the books and tutorials for WinXP would no longer suffice and you'd have to buy new sets of everything you wanna learn... but that's just me...

I have since then moved to Ubuntu 7.10 (8.04 coming out April) and everything worked perfectly after 1st install, drivers work properly (for me) and their is a HUGE forum available for help... Also, what really bought me was the Free software repository with almost anything you could ask for...

Vista has had it's day in the sun and I really hope Windows 7 sorts all of these problems and returns to a cleaner Os for Microsoft to survive...

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