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Does KeyScrambler protect keyloggers on wordpad?

  Madespcforum 01:39 13 Mar 2018

Hi, I am very new to this forum, so if I've done something wrong I will fix the next time. I use KeyScrambler for browsing the internet and I feel confidence. I am now curious if KeyScrambler will protect me from keyloggers while I am typing in the wordpad text editor? If not is there another software that will do? I will appreciate your comments very much,


  bremner 06:35 13 Mar 2018

click here

Says it does protect when using Wordpad

  Madespcforum 14:07 13 Mar 2018

Yes that is the answer but accordingly to their site the free version(Personal) which is the version I have doesn't cover MS wordpad. So the question now is do you know any free anti-keylogger that protects wordpad or any other text document editor? Thanks for your contribution bremner,

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