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Does an Image restore Wipe hard drive first

  bromanz 19:46 21 Sep 2016

Hello I have previously used Macrium free to restore an image in an XP computer no problem and have created Macrium images for my current Win 7 desktop & win 8 laptop plus boot disks as ideal to restore huge amount of paid , free & download programs I have installed.. My concern is, does restoring the image first wipe my hard drives & windows recovery partitions within them ? As I dont have Windows OS disks for these machines ,( not supplied nowadays & microsoft site refuses to download an ISO as they say OS is preinstalled ?! ) if my image restore fails I will have no Windows OS, or programs just an empty pc (but I sync my files to ext disc),, Is this correct ? or do I have other options in the event of image restore failures? Help appreciated

  lotvic 22:24 21 Sep 2016

Does an Image restore Wipe hard drive first

The whole idea of restoring a drive image is that it completely replaces what was there before.

If you restore an image of C: drive partition to the present C: drive partition then the present data is gone and the C: drive partition is restored to the image contents.

If the image you restore is of the whole drive and all of it's partitions then the present data on all of the partitions is gone and the whole drive is restored to the partitions and data contained in the image.

It is best to become familiar with the Macrium free procedure before you start trying to restore anything. How-to restore with Macrium free click here

  mole44 05:03 22 Sep 2016

Do like i do i clone my drive alternately onto two drives with Acronis (And you can get a cut down version if you have a Western Digital drive attached to your machine free) anyway in the event of everything going Pete Tong all you do is a straight swap of the drive.As an aside being a belt and braces man i use clickfree to do data backup every day and i have over 89,500 music tracks alone and before you ask all legal and cost a Kings ransom.

  bromanz 00:39 23 Sep 2016

lotvic, I dont think you have read my question properly, I am perfectly au fait with Macrium free restore procedure and as stated have done several previous restores on an XP PC successfully, but there are reported cases of Macrium restores failing where the persons affected are left presumably with an empty disabled machine . My question was how to avoid & what are the options if this happens.I have taken note of your point confirming my assumption that the system is first fully wiped before restore- so if restore fails & if no MS CD then what ? is my point. I have taken note of the other posters suggestions as to it being necessary to obtain a large external drive & make several ongoing images or to fund an additional hard drive and create a clone, either way it seems are the only possible safeguards against restore failures .

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