Document recovery for files

  fire 14:56 15 Jul 2018

I changed a document in excel and for one reason or another it hasn’t saved although I did print it out at the time. I have no file now to recover and have lost the hard copy , is there away to recover what was printed from the canon printer?

  wee eddie 15:09 15 Jul 2018

And you have no back-up!

  wee eddie 15:14 15 Jul 2018

Possibly, it depends on the type of memory that your printer has, but I doubt it.

Years ago there was a scandal, when it turned out that many Photo Copier/Scanners kept images of their Scans in their internal memory, so I doubt it

  fire 15:17 15 Jul 2018

No backup the files that are printed get kept on pc?

  rdave13 15:36 15 Jul 2018

Not sure if it will help but can you scan the document to PC. It will be as a PDF or jpeg format only. click here.

  fire 16:11 15 Jul 2018

I don’t have the document at all

  wee eddie 16:23 15 Jul 2018

What Printer is it and, has it been turned off since the "foul deed" was done?

  fire 16:40 15 Jul 2018

It’s a canon has been off but not powers itself down

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 15 Jul 2018

try this in Excel 1. Go to the file tab and click on ‘Open’ 2. click on the Recent Workbooks option on the top left 3. scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks’ button 4. Scroll through the list and search for the file you lost. 5. Double-click on it to open it 6. The document will open in Excel, all you have to do is hit the Save As button

  fire 16:54 15 Jul 2018

I’m using excel 2007, I have a workbookthat was being updated but it doesn’t have the update info on it

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