Do you want to proceed

  Border View 12:35 09 Jun 2009

My friend has a new laptop with Vista. Laptop came with lots of things she didnt want/need so yesterday I set to to help our clear things out.

I use XP so Vista is a new ball game for me. What I couldnt understand was evry time you go to do something up pops a warning message something about this application is doing something do you want to proceed. As a Vista user you will probably know what I mean.

Why is this happening, can it be stopped. She uses Vista firewall, Windows Defender and Avast Anti Virus.

Would welcome your help.

  peter99co 12:53 09 Jun 2009

If it asks if you want to proceed and you have set it a task then it is probably safe to continue.

It is just a safety check but should not be prevented from popping up because it is checking for your own protection.

  peter99co 12:58 09 Jun 2009

UAC is helpful in a networking environment, especially when a machine might have more than one user account as it prevents users, or external sources, from modifying system settings and installing unwanted software - it's a very powerful and valuable security tool in that respect.

If you turn it off you would be well advised not to login as an administrator - your computer will be at greater risk if you do. The fewer the priviledges your account has without UAC the more secure you'll be.

  tullie 01:44 11 Jun 2009

If you wish to turn off UAC,thats your choice.Go to Control Panel/User Accounts.Maybe not advisable but i havent used it for the last year.

  Border View 16:15 11 Jun 2009

Still trying to make mind up. Its on a stand alone laptop with a wireless router. Annoying but if it make things more secure might just have to put up with it.

  chub_tor 17:43 11 Jun 2009

Many members of this forum use the Norton UAC tool click here it is free and modifies the Vista UAC such that you only get asked once for each different task that you wish to perform. Just as safe as the Vista version and a lot more user friendly.

It's not often that I get to say something nice about Norton's products but this one actually works and works well.

  Border View 19:34 11 Jun 2009

Thanks for that chub_tor

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