Do I need registry cleaner for Windows7?

  AnnCleveland 09:25 21 Jan 2010


Lately I am facing some very weird RunDLL32 errors on my Windows7 while I am trying to run programs I need for work. All of them used to work properly on Windows XP. Also some shortcuts are blank, and no longer point to correct application.

Here is image of screenshot I took: click here

Some of my so-called tech friends have recommended me to install good antivirus with built-in firewall, which I already have (Kaspersky 2010) and get some good registry cleaner software.

Since I am a tech newbie, I've been checking many reviews like click here and most of them seem to recommend Registry Easy, or ACA Utilities.

I hope you guys can advise me what registry tool to choose, if choose at all? :)

Any help would be more than welcome!


Ann D

  james105051 11:48 21 Jan 2010

The most recommended and safest registry cleaner on this forum is probably this freebie click here although I don't think it will cure your problem.

It is important to remember that programmes that ran faultlessly under Win XP will not always works on later OS's. This is the price to be paid for progress.

Some programmes will run if installed in compatibility mode click here but there is no guarantee, some will not work at all.

Try looking on the programme makers website to see if there is an update or patch for Windows 7.

  mfletch 13:23 21 Jan 2010

Dont use any reg cleaners they can do more damage than good.

If you have the software for the programs uninstall the program then reinstall but this time right click on the program you want to install and click on

Run as Administrator

  Andsome 16:14 22 Jan 2010

Having been bitten by registry cleaners in the past, C Cleaner is the ONLY one I would ever use again.

  961 16:48 23 Jan 2010

I don't think I'd go down the registry cleaner route at this stage

It'd be interesting to know if you have a new computer with W7 or if you have upgraded an old job

Also, are you using W7 32 bit or 64 bit?

W7 64 bit can be much more picky with drivers and programmes that worked fine on XP

Can you post the details of your computer, which version of W7 you are running, and which programmes don't work any more

  nalivaiko 07:45 03 Jun 2010

I use Windows 7 x64 and <a href="click here">Registry Clean Master</a>. It works really fine!

  rawprawn 15:50 03 Jun 2010

I use Advanced System care, Itried the free version and liked it so much I bought the paid for version.
I run well on Windows 7
click here

james105051 is right about compatibility problems with some programs, and I think that may well be the reason for dll problems.

  rawprawn 15:52 03 Jun 2010

I don't run on Widows 7,
but "It runs well on Winods 7"
Shame about my typing. -:))

  john bunyan 16:41 03 Jun 2010

I agree with those who only use CCleaner.Some cleaners are too aggressive. Also to prevent malware free Spywareblaster is said to prevent spyware and Malawarebytes and Superantispyware are good for looking for it.You should only have one anti virus. When Kapersky contract runs out consider MS Security essentials as an alternative.

  rcmichelle 03:32 16 Jul 2010

you can try this one:
click here

  sunnystaines 06:07 16 Jul 2010

windows 7 runs its registry much better than xp, but its some software updates that leave a lot of debris in the registry adobe and java are two contenders for this but there are others.

WINASO does a good job, I use the free one.

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