Do I need this cable or can i get rid of it?

  SteveoHartman 22:41 24 Sep 2015

Greetings all. I have a HP Pavillion G6, over 6 years old now.

The screen is pretty much dead. 2 cables going from the laptop to the screen on the right of the laptop (1 white, 1 black) have disconected/snapped off. There is a cable on the left (marked with a red circle on the photo provided) is a thick, dark cable, which is still connected.

My question is : Can i just cut thhis cable with some sciccors so that i basically have a keyboard/laptop without the screen (whhichh would make my life easyier) or will it cut the power completly to the laptop? At the moment, I have connected my laptop to a TV Via HDMI (which works like a charm) for the last year. Will cutting this cable affect my laptop?

Many thanks in advance.!

  onthelimit1 08:45 25 Sep 2015

1 Black one White are the antenna leads. The black one is video and power. safest bet is to disconnect that cable from the mobo. Video of how to strip here.

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