do i have a virus?

  [email protected] 22:14 29 Jan 2013

hello, i hope someone will be able to help me out here. my home pc runs on windows 7 and it as been shutting down on its own randomly for the last couple of week. iv done a system restore that took me back over three weeks ago and still the same is happening. iv run AVG, CCleaner,Ad-aware,AVG Anti-spyware and also SuperAntispyware but nothing is correcting the problem. today its shut down roughly about 8 times and it asnt done it that many times in one day. I ran a cpu tempreture check and that showed up ok. here is my cpu, motherboard and graphics information just incase it helps. i dont know what other information i should be supplying sorry. many thanks

CPU AMD Sempron 145 Cores 1 Threads 1 Name AMD Sempron 145 Code Name Sargas Package Socket AM3 (938) Technology 45nm Specification AMD Sempron 145 Processor Family F Extended Family 10 Model 6 Extended Model 6 Stepping 3 Revision DA-C3 Instructions MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, AMD 64 Virtualization Supported, Disabled Hyperthreading Not supported Fan Speed 1858 RPM Bus Speed 200.9 MHz Rated Bus Speed 1004.5 MHz Stock Core Speed 2800 MHz Stock Bus Speed 200 MHz Average Temperature 45 °C Caches L1 Data Cache Size 64 KBytes L1 Instructions Cache Size 64 KBytes L2 Unified Cache Size 1024 KBytes Core 0

Motherboard Manufacturer ECS Model MCP61M-M3 (CPU 1) Version 7.0 Chipset Vendor NVIDIA Chipset Model MCP61 Chipset Revision A3 Southbridge Vendor NVIDIA Southbridge Model MCP61 Southbridge Revision A2 System Temperature 30 °C BIOS Brand American Megatrends Inc. Version 080015 Date 11/03/2010 Voltage +3.3V 3.424 V CPU CORE 1.312 V VIN2 3.008 V VIN3 1.247 V VSB3V 3.424 V CMOS BATTERY 2.864 V PCI Data Slot UNKNOWN Slot Type UNKNOWN Slot Usage In Use Bus Width 32 bit Slot Designation AGP Slot Number 0 Slot PCI Slot Type PCI Slot Usage Available Bus Width 32 bit Slot Designation PCI1 Slot Number 1

Graphics Monitor Name HP L2045w on NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 Current Resolution 1680x1050 pixels Work Resolution 1680x1010 pixels State enabled, primary Monitor Width 1680 Monitor Height 1050 Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel Monitor Frequency 59 Hz Device \.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

GeForce GT 430

GPU GF108 Device ID 10DE-0DE1 Revision A2 Subvendor PNY (196E) Series GeForce GT 400 Current Performance Level Level 1 Current GPU Clock 50 MHz Current Memory Clock 135 MHz Current Shader Clock 101 MHz Voltage 0.880 V Die Size 116 nm² Release Date Oct 11, 2010 DirectX Support 11.0 OpenGL Support 5.0 Bus Interface PCI Express x16 Temperature 39 °C Driver version BIOS Version ROPs 8 Shaders 96 unified Memory Type DDR3 Physical Memory 1023 MB Virtual Memory 2816 MB Bus Width 64x2 (128 bit) Filtering Modes 16x Anisotropic Noise Level Quiet Max Power Draw 49 Watts Count of performance levels : 3 Level 1 - "Default" GPU Clock 50 MHz Memory Clock 135 MHz Shader Clock 101 MHz Level 2 - "2D Desktop" GPU Clock 405 MHz Memory Clock 324 MHz Shader Clock 810 MHz Level 3 - "3D Applications" GPU Clock 700 MHz Memory Clock 800 MHz Shader Clock 1400 MHz OpenGL Version 4.2.0 Vendor NVIDIA Corporation Renderer GeForce GT 430/PCIe/SSE2 GLU Version Microsoft Corporation Values GL Extensions

  [email protected] 11:35 30 Jan 2013

hello, i clicked on the events viewer and it says this "Administtrative Events Critical,Error and Warning events from all administrative logs" so i openedthis and it says "log name Application Source ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0 Logged 30/01/2013 11.25 Event ID 1309 Task Catergory Web Event Level Warning Keywords Classic User N/A" i have no idea if this is of any help to you. i tried the command prompt and it says "you must be an administer running a console session in order to use the sfc utility" i am the administer but i have no idea what this means, many thanks maria

  [email protected] 12:38 30 Jan 2013

hello, there isnt anything in drive manager that shouldnt be there or with an exclamation mark. iv run command prompt and it says this "windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"

  chub_tor 16:02 30 Jan 2013

Random shut downs are hard to diagnose, they can be software or hardware related.

First are all your drivers up to date? This is particularly true of the graphics driver.

Is Windows 7 itself completely up to date?

If you are satisfied that the above is true then the next most likely causes are peripherals,memory and power supply.

Disconnect any permanently connected peripherals particularly USB Hard Drives if you have them and see if you still get shutdowns.

If you have multiple memory sticks in your machine then take them out one by one and run them individually to see if one of them is causing the problem.

There is no easy way to test a power unit other than by substitution.

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