Do I have to upgrade Windows 10?

  sweets1 11:16 07 Jun 2018

I have an HP Pavilion laptop Windows 10 Home 64 bit constantly trying to upgrade but then I get a message that the Bios needs to be changed. I have no idea how to do that. Do I have to upgrade? If so how? What if I dont upgrade? Can I just turn these messages off?

  Zak 11:55 07 Jun 2018

HP Discussion forums on BIOS update

Have a look at the link and their are other similar threads, just Google. For your laptop you must obtain the correct BIOS update file from HP. Do this via the HP Help Centre, which will ensure you are directed to the correct link for download. Make sure you have the Laptop Model Number and serial number handy in case the HP Help Centre fails to recognise automatically. Also ensure you are on the HP UK site. Good luck.

  sweets1 12:15 07 Jun 2018

Do I have to do this upgrade? What will happen if I dont? Can I turn off these messages to upgrade? In the past ive had some disastrous results trying to conform to the upgrades...

  chub_tor 15:21 07 Jun 2018

You might like to read this article the short answer is "no you do not have to update Windows 10" Windows will happily keep working even if you never update it. BUT you make your system vulnerable to all kinds of nasties that the updates are designed to catch plus you will not be able to use the extra functions that the updates and upgrades bring to your system.

  john bunyan 16:30 07 Jun 2018

In the last few months I have had to “flash” the Bios on a Novatech desktop and a Dell laptop; not too difficult.

  Govan1x 21:45 08 Jun 2018

All depends what update you have on W10.

Notice on a laptop that I borrowed. This version of W10 will no longer be supported from april this year. You have to update to the latest version.

So it seems some versions of W10 are past their sell by date.

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