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Do I have a pc virus Windows 7

  Daisy22 18:05 18 Jun 2016

My laptop Windows 7 64 bit started playing up about 3 days ago. I tried to copy and paste a file to a USB key which I use regularly and kept getting a message saying "windows explorer has stopped working" a system restore solved this but now I have other problems. Windows has done updates and since then my keyboard is not working it's not typing the correct characters. Also when I open a folder it displays with a box and several tabs rather than the files inside. I've done crap cleaner and spy bot but nothing found as well as my antivirus.

Not sure what to do now especially as the keyboard doesn't work. Suggestions please with thanks

  lotvic 18:24 18 Jun 2016

my keyboard is not working it's not typing the correct characters

perhaps it is not set to the correct language - go to Control Panel > Clock Language and Region > Language and Region > Change Keyboards or other input > Change Keyboards > and on General Tab, Default Language and make your choices (if in UK then change all fields to UK)

On Location tab, make sure UK is selected and check the settings on the other tabs and alter to suit yourself.

When finished, click on Apply and then OK

  lotvic 18:41 18 Jun 2016

As you have mentioned the USB key, there is a virus called the 'usb shortcut virus' that hides your proper files and displays spoof 'shortcuts'. Do a google for images of it and see if that is what you are getting for your folder view.

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