.DLL files left on desktop

  [email protected]#36 08:40 17 Dec 2009

After clean installing W7 on my son's laptop I ran Easy File Transfer to bring over his files and settings etc. However it has left some .DLL files on the desktop
Does anyone know if these are needed/critical to W7 or if they can be deleted.
The Easy Transfer process wasn't completely smooth as it hung on the restart and I had to force a restart. This led to it trying to fix a potential problem at start up but ended by stating it couldn't fix the problem. It starts and seems to run fine at the mo but I have yet to load any programs.

  a member 12:30 17 Dec 2009

they are system files and I would normally say leave them alone, but it looks like easy file transfermay have imported them from your other system files could not replace the existing ones and left them ,wierd how they appear on your desktop though, do a search for them (custom search) tick hidden and system files .if you already have them elseware in your system then personally I would concider deleting them . but this is a bit unusual and there is allways an element of risk .
I will have a look on one of my win7 systems shortly and see if I have them and where .
get back to you soon.

  a member 12:46 17 Dec 2009

they exist on both Vista and Windows 7 ,in duplicate you will find them in the windows/system 32folder ,and in one of the windows /sxs x86 folders. if you do a search as I stated and find copies in both locations ,I think it should be safe to delete them from the desktop .or you could be cautious and place them in a folder and put them aside for a short while in case you get a problem relating to them , but I think its just the easy file transfer wizard being flakey as usual.
good luck.

  [email protected]#36 15:45 17 Dec 2009

I have moved them to a folder out of the way, but looking at the date they were created in 1997 so I suspect they have been copied from the previous computer. He had plenty of icons on the desk top there for things he never used?

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