Dissappearing internet icon in windows 7

  uranusrising 21:54 26 May 2014

Hi, this evening I had an alert for an upgrade to my nvidia graphics card. It wouldn't connect to the internet to do this.There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. This has happened 3 times in the past. It was fixed by nvidia sending me a link in an email to do the same. It has worked all 3 times. Today, after the alert and then me trying to connect, I noticed the small square green icon with the two white [one on top of the other] horizontal arrows going in opposite directions has disappeared. It was always in the system tray next to the time. I used it to disconnect the internet or the bluetooth connection. I always disconnect the internet this way before logging off, but I keep the bluetooth active so that my mouse is connected on boot-up. has anyone the method to get it back, thanks. Bern

  uranusrising 22:47 26 May 2014

Hi, I found "an answer" or "the answer". I restarted the lap-top, no good, I rebooted the lap-top and the icon reappeared on its own. Because the lap-top is a Sony Vaio, it has its own connectivity app, it's called 'Vaio Smart Network'. It displays 'via the green icon with horizontal white arrows' the staus of the internet and/or bluetooth connections. Don't ask me why it disappeared, that's why I was asking for help. Anyway, it's back now.

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