Display Resolution keeps resetting after reboot

  DAnthony 08:27 05 Feb 2008

Please help - 11 hairs left

Vista Ultimate - I can change and save any screen resolution but the change is not permanent as a reboot will default to a higher res. As of late I have also noticed that I can no longer install software (and i was able to in the past) and have to revert to the "true" admin user to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

System: Asus F3SV lapop, 4 gig ram, Duo T7500, NVidia 8600GS. All drivers and Vista updates installed and the latest.

  anskyber 08:37 05 Feb 2008

Some have experienced the same thing, it's due to the nVidea control panel.

Try a reinstall of the driver from the nVidea site or use a driver issued before the latest one, it has worked for some.

  DAnthony 21:05 06 Feb 2008

Thanks anskyber

NVidia redirects the driver update to Asus stating "ASUS requires that you download the driver for your GPU from their support site." Have d/l the driver from Asus and ended up with the same problem but with less options on setting screen resolutions. Reverted back and will live with it till Vista SP1 is released - we shall see. Thanks

  User-1229748 08:17 07 Feb 2008

try this - go to task scheduler and click on task scheduler library - microsoft - windows - mobile pc -TMM - then on the right disable.

  DAnthony 09:37 07 Feb 2008

Thank you so much smackheadz, this seems to have worked - three reboots at different resolution settings and things have remined at the res that was set.

  User-1229748 14:39 07 Feb 2008

vista screen resolution bugs seem to be really common.I hope it sticks for you.

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