display problems after reconnecting computer.

  Kymbolie 08:59 14 Apr 2012

The monitor has a almost fluro look about and the print is blotchy and unclear. Tried the FIX IT gadget but says it does not work on a 24 pixcel moniter. Connected another new monitor and same message appeared. This was a second hand purchase and the seller said he installed windows 7 on it himself. The computer is an older style. Any ideas please??

  difarn 22:12 14 Apr 2012

Do you have a button marked "Auto" on your monitor - this sets it to it's default setting.

Have you had a look at your screen resolution/colour settings.?

Have you tried to adjust clear type text? Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize. On the bottom left click on Display and then on the left you will see Adjust Clear Type Text.

You will also see in the same panel adjust resolution and calibrate colour.

  Kymbolie 00:11 15 Apr 2012

Thanks for your reply. Yes pressed auto on monitor Yes did the clear type thing Yes I tried to do a calibration but said on both monitors used that the test was not possible on a 24 pixcel monitor

Monitor is named generic PnP from memory,I'm not with that computer at present to check name Tried finding video card drivers name online but no luck started with a B Using a Bona Vide Windows 7 but do NOT have the disc. Did all Microsoft updates and no change to the picture. Really not having any luck. Computer runs Microsoft Security Essentials and a compatible Avast Anti Virus. Is slowing down gradually as I use it and making lots of grinding noises..like it's busy.

She uses a admin password and a username with parental controls on because I cannot find limited user access to apply.

This little computer was the first purchased by my 70 year old neighbour who is very INTERESTED in learning to use one. On shut down it goes to a normal picture for a second. I will gladly try anything that may help her.

  Kymbolie 08:54 15 Apr 2012

Deleted the video card drivers and restarted. They reloaded from Windows 7. All is right with the display now. Thanks for the help offered.

  difarn 09:02 15 Apr 2012

There are a few bits of information that will be needed to try to help.

What is the actual make and model of the monitor? Generic PnP is not the actual name - this is saying that it has been allocated a Windows driver - PnP is Plug and Play. What is the actual make and model of the PC? How is the monitor connected to the PC? What type of cables are being used?

You say that a second new monitor was tried with the same result and this leads you to think that the problem is PC related.

Has the PC been seen in working order?

  difarn 09:19 15 Apr 2012

Sorry posted before completing.

Can you post the specification of the PC

Control Panel - right click on Computer - Properties - there you will see System - what does it say here?

What graphics card is installed?

  difarn 10:24 15 Apr 2012

I think that you should try setting the monitor to true colour - 32 bit

Right-click on an empty space on the desktop Click on Screen Resolution Select the display you want to change the resolution - should be only one screen option. Click on Advanced Settings Click on the Monitor Tab Under Colours - click on true colour 32 bit Click on Yes and OK

See what this does.

  difarn 16:42 20 Apr 2012

Glad it's sorted - I made further posts as your post saying the situation was resolved did not show up until much later.

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