Display Driver Blue Screen

  Commander Straker 15:46 19 Jan 2011

PC Blue screened last night even though no software or hardware had been added and it was working fine during the day. Blue screen indicated Stop 0x00000116 and an Nvidia display driver issue. I have tried to roll back driver and then install latest from nvidia website in Safe Mode but neither made any difference.

There are dots and dashes all over the screen when it is loading windows and on one occasion it did fully load but then said Vista was not activated and I should contact Microsoft. That was a one off and it returned to blue screening and rebooting behaviour - this doesn't sound good any ideas ? Thanks. (Vista 32 bit fully updated).

  Commander Straker 18:53 20 Jan 2011

Thanks for info Lazarus. Unfortunately I can't follow the steps in that thread after: "when expansion is complete". Not sure how to copy it to the directory specified ? Thanks.

  rdave13 17:48 24 Jan 2011

Sounds like the graphics card is failing.

  Commander Straker 19:39 24 Jan 2011

Well in desperation downloaded and ran ccleaner and the PC opened fine but then asked for activation code which I ignored. All except IE seemed to work but on reboot it asked for activation again in safe mode and then when I clicked to enter code got error 0xC004E002. Seems to relate to corrupt licence tokens - will update progress in case it helps anyone else.

  Commander Straker 17:44 25 Jan 2011

Well I spoke too soon as the original problem has returned before I even sorted the Vista error code. RDave13 you may be right perhaps the easiest solution is to buy a new graphics card - ATI rather than Nvidia this time ?

  Commander Straker 13:06 29 Jan 2011

I am waiting for a new ATI graphics card to arrive but I think windows is so corrupted I will have to reinstall based on an error message that now appears. This looks like a good time to start again and just get W7. Thanks for your help and advice.

  Commander Straker 20:15 03 Feb 2011

New Graphics card sorted display issues but still getting request to reinstall windows so have ordered W7.

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