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  registered 12:24 01 Nov 2012

Can anyone tell me how to enlarge the disk space when using an external disk connected via usb?I am running out of disk space.My current hdd is 80gb and i have bought another that is 320gb.I have used a programme called HD CLONE and managed to copy the entire 80gb. But the copy seems to have restricted the space on the 320gb disk to exactly the same as the on the 80gb.I had hoped to replace the existing disk but i don`t know how to transfer the existing disk to the new one and gain the extra space.

  rdave13 23:50 03 Nov 2012

Good advice here about Vista disk management.

  registered 11:36 04 Nov 2012

Thanks for the link RDAVE 13 will have look.

  registered 12:12 09 Nov 2012

Thanks for the reply ljmichael and the link.That programme is the very thing i was looking for.It was very easy to use as well.I have now managed to increase the free space on the c drive as the partitions were equally allocated between c and d. Hopeing now to swap the hdd for the one installed in my laptop.

  registered 17:46 09 Nov 2012

New problem with my recently cloned hdd.The cloned hdd has the same partitions as the hdd in my laptop but now with increased space available which was the intention as i had hoped to clone the entire disc and replace it with a larger one.The problem now is that connecting the cloned hdd via usb and changing the boot sequence to check it first(rather than just go and swap it over )i cannot get the clone to boot.I am not looking to use the cloned hdd on another laptop or desktop just a replacement for my existing hdd.Can anyone help?

  rdave13 21:32 09 Nov 2012

As you haven't got a boot manager then you will need to physically swap the drives in the PC. Although trying to boot from the usb drive, bios is seeing two OSs.

  registered 17:19 10 Nov 2012

Thanks for that rdave13 i will look into swapping the hdds.

  registered 18:59 12 Nov 2012

chunhat i had an e-mail notification that you posted a reply to my query but cannot find it.can you repost?

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