Disk Cleanup + SSD = unbootable

  andwan0 14:21 31 Aug 2017

I used to use Disk Cleanup YEARS ago and it works no problem on a HDD Windows 7. Now I just ran Disk Cleanup (with default settings - which is to clear temp folder, clear recovery/rescue files, update files, etc. etc).... on my SSD C:\Windows 7 - I do still have the old Windows 7 on the D:\ HDD (which was cloned to C:\ using the Samsung 840EVO SSD clone tool CD.

After reboot - Windows fails to start. It forever keeps on System Repair - reboot - System Repair - reboot - forever. It says lots of files are corrupted. I tried to do a recovery - but it says my recovery files have been deleted. I tried installing Windows 7 ontop of my existing Windows installation (Upgrade option) but it won't let me - saying Windows was previously installed via Windows itself...

Someone please help!

  andwan0 15:26 31 Aug 2017

PS: I can't clone my HDD again since it's been so so so long. I just want to recover my SSD drive.

  andwan0 15:26 31 Aug 2017

PS: It's Microsoft Disk Cleanup

  BRYNIT 18:05 31 Aug 2017

If your D: drive has your original win7 OS on, this could be causing problems.

Check that your SSD has priority in the bios.

You could try Disconnect D: drive and reboot computer to see if it is causing the problem.

You could disconnect your SSD and boot into windows on D drive and follow these instructions CLICK HERE on how to make a win 7 recovery disk this will allow you to try a repair of your SSD.

  andwan0 21:21 31 Aug 2017

PSS: actually, I think I deleted the Windows folder from the old HDD already - so no way booting up there.

Microsoft Disk Cleanup options: Downloaded Program Files Temporary Internet Files Game Statistics Files Recycle Bin Service Pack Backup Files System error memory dump files Temporary files Thumbnails Per user queued Windows Error Reporting System queued Windows Error Reporting

---- so how can this corrupted my Windows on SSD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:08 31 Aug 2017

Are your user files on the c: drive or D drive?

If on D drive then just use the install disk to do a clean install of windows 7

if on the C drive then put the ssd in a caddy and attach to another PC to extract the data emails pictures etc before refitting and doing a clean install.

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