Disable startup programs

  iqs 20:18 23 Oct 2008

Hi,Can anyone recommend a piece of free software which can stop programs from starting at start up please.
I don't like defender,cheers

  MCE2K5 21:04 23 Oct 2008

Turn Off Windows Defender click here

  Pine Man 12:00 24 Oct 2008

The DVD from the December issue of PCA contains WinOptimizer, which is very good indeed and also has it's own startup program adjuster amongst a lot of other stuff.

  [email protected] 12:04 24 Oct 2008

disable them in services. right click the process in task manager, open file location, trace service.
type service.msc in run box, right click the service select properties change from auto to manual/ disabled.

  sunny staines 15:12 24 Oct 2008

ditto as adman

  chub_tor 21:43 24 Oct 2008

Most start programmes, as opposed to services, can be prevented from starting on switch on by using Run, Msconfig, Startup and deselecting everything that you don't need.

  baldydave 22:27 24 Oct 2008

Also try autoruns, unzip download/ double click autoruns not autorunsc (two seperate files) look for logon tab untick anything you dont want
click here

  skidzy 08:32 25 Oct 2008

Why not just use MSCONFIG within Vista or even Ccleaner that has the facility to stop startup apps.

This will at least stop you loading another program that is probably not even needed.

Just a couple of ideas.

  AL47 10:44 25 Oct 2008

i use services

  [email protected] 10:50 25 Oct 2008

don't use msconfig in vista it confuses itself click here click here

  skidzy 13:05 25 Oct 2008

I would never recommend anyone to disable there services unless i knew exactly what service needs/wants to be stopped.

During this thread,there looks like a little confusion setting in.
Rightly or wrongly,my post is aimed at stopping programs/software loading at startup and not windows services.
(maybe i should have explained better)

Using MSCONFIG and STARTUP in Vista is different to using Services.

MSCONFIG startup is quite safe to use with common sense as opposed to the SERVICES tab.

If unsure using Msconfig,use the ccleaner option .

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