Disable HDMI audio when HDMI device is disabled

  fastfurious65 17:04 24 Jun 2017

I have a GeoForce GT 520 which consists of a DVI and HDMI output.

In the DVI output, I have the monitor that I use for the computer. I use the HDMI output to plug my TV in, mainly so I can display videos from my computer to my TV.

I quite often disable the display for the HDMI on the Display Settings section, so I only have the monitor output enabled.

In Sound -> Playback, I have the HDMI audio set as default, alongside the speakers that I have plugged in to the back of the computer.

Before I installed a new motherboard (and reinstalled Windows 10), whenever I disabled the HDMI display, it would automatically remove the HDMI audio from the Sound -> Playback settings. This means that the sound would go into the speakers when I disabled the HDMI display. And when I enabled then HDMI display again, the sound would go back through the HDMI.

However, since I've fitted in a new motherboard and reinstalled Windows 10, whenever I disable the HDMI display, it still appears in the Sound -> Playback list. This means that the sound is still playing out of the HDMI device, despite the HDMI display being disabled. I have to manually switch the audio every time I enable or disable the HDMI display.

Any one got any ideas on how to make this work again?

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