different connections for different progs

  Daniel Marschmann 01:24 16 Aug 2018


I have a simple question but a hard answer i think. I have 5 internet connections on my pc. I want to set progs use desired connections. They are all the same progs but i run these multiple times and need different connections for them. They all have different .exe's is it possible ?? Y i can use VM's but its easiert to run them on the same pc.

Anyone have an idea?

Buying a tool isnt a prob.


  wee eddie 02:20 16 Aug 2018

Surely you have a single ISP & connection to the internet. Your PC will have a Mac number and regardless of your connection will be identified by that.

Of course, you could subscribe to a number of Consumers but that could be costly

  wee eddie 02:23 16 Aug 2018

God bless predictive text. Consumers should read VPNs.

  wee eddie 03:31 16 Aug 2018

By the way, if, by doing this, you hope to be able to appear as different people, your problem is entirely different.

Back in the days of Dial-up Modems, I had both a Desktop and a Laptop. I was a regular contributor to a Chat Room and decided that it would be fun to be there in 2 different personas. I created 2 characters, Myself and an alter-ego, who had his own life history and lived on the laptop. We disagreed regularly, it was fun being 2 different people in a conversation with 10 to 20 others.

One day I got a PM from the Board's Moderator, bowling me out. When I asked how he had sussed me, he said that it is rare for 2 people to have such similar writing styles. I assume that the same would hold for gaming as well.

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