Difference between 32 & 64 bit and OEM and retail?

  davidwilliams85 15:44 20 Jan 2007

Thinking about upgrading but completely unaware of what the difference between the two is other than the prices.
Also OEM versions seem to be significantly cheaper but again i have no idea what the difference between the two are??
any insight appreciated!

  Kate B 16:05 20 Jan 2007

You can only run the 64bit version if you have a 64bit processor, and even then I'd be wary. I've got an FX-55 which is 64bit and I'm not going to install 64bit Vista - I'm too concerned about compatibility with a largely 32bit world.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, it's the version installed by the computer makers such as Dell, Mesh etc. You can buy an OEM version if you're building a PC and it will come without the pretty packaging and any additional bits and pieces. You can't (or shouldn't be able to) buy an OEM copy unless you're buying hardware to build the PC with.

  davidwilliams85 16:22 20 Jan 2007

cool thanks, sorry to be a real idiot but is my e6400 32bit?
You can buy OEM vista ultimate from over clockers for £130 which seems pretty reasonable. What are the implications if I were to buy this version rather than the more expensive retail?

  pk46 16:49 20 Jan 2007

Looks to me like a 64BIT proccesor.
OEM you would purchase the processor in a plain box nothing else no other info hence why they are cheaper you receive them as any computer firm would.

  Kate B 16:58 20 Jan 2007

I'd be wary about installing 64bit Vista - the rest of the software world isn't really there yet.

  davidwilliams85 18:15 20 Jan 2007

so is there actually any problem with buying an OEM version? is it legal etc to use on my own computer?

Also is there any chance that you would be able to expand on these 64 bit problem issues??

many thanks

  Kate B 18:41 20 Jan 2007

You will probably only be able to buy an OEM version if you're buying a chunk of hardware, but it would be worth looking at the small print of the various websites that sell it for what they require you to buy in addition.

  PaulB2005 18:43 20 Jan 2007

If i remember correctly from a while back the OEM versions can ONLY be installed on completely new PCs and not with a hardware upgrade.

I'm probably wrong though, hopefully.

  ed-0 19:49 20 Jan 2007

As Kate B says, you usually have to buy a small piece of hardware to go with it. In some cases it can be a cheap 50p mouse. Check the suppliers website for details.

OEM means that you can just use that version of windows with the machine you register it with. If the machine dies, the license for the OEM of vista dies.

64bit version of windows will run some of the newer 64bit programs now being written by some software houses. It also allows you to go over the 4Gb limit of memory that windows 32bit XP has, but increasing the ram also has to take into account how much memory the motherboard can physically take.

I did run windows 64bit for awhile and must say it ran like treacle.

I wasn't going to upgrade to vista but erindoors decided to get me a shinny new lappy for Christmas and it comes with an upgrade voucher to vista. So.......

  ed-0 19:53 20 Jan 2007

" so is there actually any problem with buying an OEM version?"


" is it legal etc to use on my own computer? "


" Also is there any chance that you would be able to expand on these 64 bit problem issues??"

You MAY find that some of your peripherals will not run properly with 32bit drivers. The same with some of our programs, you may have to try and run them in some sort of compatibility mode.

I think.

  ed-0 20:02 20 Jan 2007

OEM ultimate @ £125 click here

they seem to be no restrictions to buy an OEM copy. All versions of Vista should be on the same DVD > DVD's. It is the code number that allows which version of vista is loaded onto the computer. So you should be able to get 32bit or 64bit from the disk. It will be the license number that determines which one loads.

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