Diagnostic for laptop with various symptoms

  dude 14:41 25 Jan 2019

I have a 5 years old 1st gen Lenovo Yoga with Windows 8 64-bit.

These last days, I started experiencing problems such as:

  • Keyboard and power button did not allow to get the computer out of sleep
  • Laptop shuts off randomly and/or right after unplugging power cable
  • Keyboard, trackpad, power button and closing the laptop become inactive and I have to force stop
  • Sometimes, the keyboard becomes inactive and 2 seconds later, the computer turns itself off, but not always
  • Surprisingly enough, if I use a wireless USB keyboard, I don't encounter the problem, but if I start using the laptop keyboard, the problem of inactive keyboard/trackpad/power button comes after a minute or so
  • Wireless external mouse remains active when keyboard, trackpad and laptop buttons become inactive

To be noted as well: - Windows 8 was never reinstalled in 5 years, but I'm generally very careful with what I install - Laptop did not experience a shock or humidity recently - A Windows update was announced a couple of days before these problems started and the computer started having these problems before I restarted to let the update be installed - I visited some torrent website and had a couple of warnings from my Anti-virus, Ijust let it scan itself - I was in Iran recently, which is notorious for viruses - The battery has a good autonomy

What I already tried: - Check if keyboard and trackpad are allowed to get computer out of sleep in Device manager - Reset "Balanced" plan in Power options - Thoroughly clean fan area and keyboard with an air compressor - Run full anti-virus system scan - Tried Windows repair tool

Does that ring a bell?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 25 Jan 2019

Have you tried a system restore to before you were in Iran?

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