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Devices and printers does not open

  Hetti 10:53 29 Jul 2013

When I try to open "Devices and printers" the green progress bar gets there slowly, but when it is right at the finish the Devices and printers does not open.I left it for an hour but no joy,running Win 7. No error message

Any advice appreciated

  Graphicool1 12:49 29 Jul 2013

Are you having opening troubles with any other folders. Or any other troubles at all with your PC

  Hetti 13:45 29 Jul 2013


No other problems all seems fine on PC.


  Graphicool1 15:09 29 Jul 2013

If it's only started happening today, you could a reboot, then have another go.

  Hetti 18:29 29 Jul 2013

Graphicool1 No its been going on for about 14 days now:>(

  Graphicool1 09:08 31 Jul 2013

Have you tried doing a 'System Restore' to back before 'Devices and printers' wouldn't open?

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