device is not compatible with the Interactive Seat

  conrail 21:32 26 Jun 2017

I have been trying to add a season ticket at my local football club for my granddaughter, previously I was able to view each individual seat, as a small colour coded dot, which showed if seat taken or not, now I can get so far then I get the following error message: "Sorry, this device is not compatible with the Interactive Seating Map. Please try using one of the alternative options above or try on another device", I gave tried on different browsers, 2 laptops and a tablet, I have even telephoned the club who were unable to help, while telephoning I sorted the ticket but wonder if anybody can help with why I get the message blocking me, I no longer have flash installed, could that have anything to do with it? all help and advice appreciated.

click here


  Belatucadrus 10:36 27 Jun 2017

I no longer have flash installed, could that have anything to do with it?

Maybe, could you provide a link to your local football club seat site so we can have a look and confirm one way or another.

  conrail 10:18 28 Jun 2017

thanks Belatucadrus, here is the link, click here Choose your seat option gives me the error message, the other 2 options, Stadium Overview & My favourite seat let me choose the block I want to sit in but does not show the individual seats, instead , as you will see the key options, that is what I should be seeing in each block, instead I get taken to a Select a seat option.


  Belatucadrus 11:02 28 Jun 2017

After some testing I'm sure you're Flash suggestion is correct, tried the site with several browsers with varying results. Some worked some gave the not compatible message. I took my Vivaldi browser that had showed the error message and installed the flash plugin, it then worked. Put on a Flash blocker and the seat plan area then gets the blocked symbol on it. QED !

  alanrwood 11:16 28 Jun 2017

+1 for Belatucadrus. Almost certainly lack of Flash support Flash is being phased out as it is a security risk. It has been removed from some browsers and still present in some others.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:27 28 Jun 2017

I gave tried on different browsers..............

Did you try Google Chrome? It has its own Flash support so it won't matter that you've removed Adobe Flash.

Flash is turned off by default in Chrome but you can enable it by clicking the "View site information" section immediately to the left of the address in the Address Bar. You'll then have the option to configure Flash to "Always allow on this site". Refresh the page and the seating plan will appear.

  conrail 16:15 28 Jun 2017

thanks guys, I use firefox, Secret-Squirrel, but I also tried chrome and edge, I have tried on 2 laptops and 1 android tablet, I will install flash and see if that works

  conrail 16:30 28 Jun 2017

hi guys, installed flash and chrome, same message on chrome and firefox, edge kept telling me it's not responding

  Belatucadrus 18:20 28 Jun 2017

Open Firefox, put about:addons into the address bar, then look for Shockwave Flash and check it says "Always Activate" in the drop down box to the far right.

  conrail 10:49 09 Jul 2017

hi guys, sorry about the delay, man flu, although no sympathy from family, tried again with flash plug in and it worked, thank you one and all, I appreciate your time, advice and help, again many thanks

  conrail 10:21 26 Jul 2017

Hi guys, sorry to resurrect an old post but read today that HTML5 is replacing flash, goggled HTML5 but not much information for the non expert, if I uninstall flash and download and install HTML5, will it give me what I want regarding this seating plan?, as mentioned googled information not very clear and don't want to install anything I don't understand, thanks

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