Denied access to my disk drive

  cutesusie 15:02 21 Jun 2007

I am the only user of this computer. Originally, I had no problems. About a month ago this big red circle appeared on the disk drive and I am denied access, and am told I do not have permission to view or edit. I can't even format a disk, not anything.

  CalmCookie 16:12 21 Jun 2007

Have you or someone else enabled BitLocker Drive Encryption? You can find this in Control Panel.

A bit from the Help Section regarding BitLocker..

'During computer startup, if BitLocker detects a system condition that could represent a security risk (for example, disk errors, a change to the BIOS , or changes to any startup files), it will lock the drive and require a special BitLocker recovery password to unlock it. Make sure that you create this recovery password when you turn on BitLocker for the first time; otherwise, you could permanently lose access to your files.'

  cutesusie 17:25 21 Jun 2007

No one uses the computer except me. I haven't done anything with the encryption stuff, (don't know how). where do I find the bitlocker??

  cutesusie 18:10 21 Jun 2007

I went into Security and there is no BitLocker information. I am using Vista Business. Could it be somewhere else?

  skidzy 20:41 21 Jun 2007

Have you tried right clicking the drive and run as Administrator ?

This is a protective security issue with Vista.

  cutesusie 20:59 21 Jun 2007

yes, went to computer and right clicked, "run as administrator" is not an option.

  madgamer234 21:40 21 Jun 2007

cutesusie try and get your head around this one click here

  cutesusie 15:33 22 Jun 2007

I would like to try Regedit. Can someone give me the steps.

  cutesusie 16:08 22 Jun 2007

I can't do anything that will require me to use my disk drive since access is denied.

  rawprawn 17:20 22 Jun 2007

You could try this Take Ownership
click here

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