Dell windows 10 aptop failure

  wiz-d 00:45 11 Jul 2019

my pc is failing to start windows and to complete the POST process. It just brought a blue screen saying ''your pc ran into,some problems'' but when it was restarting it did not load windows but rather said ''Initializing Intel(R) Boot agent GE v1.5.50 PXE 2.1 Build 092 (wfm 2.0)''

please help me to overcome this proble

  wee eddie 08:38 11 Jul 2019

Have you done anything to it, lately?

Opened it up, dropped it, spilt anything on it, loaded new software?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:25 11 Jul 2019

.............but rather said ''Initializing Intel(R) Boot agent GE v1.5.50 PXE 2.1............

That message means that no hard drive was found.

All you can do is to check that the hard drive is connected properly so turn off the laptop then remove the battery (if possible). If your laptop has a maintenance hatch then removing and refitting the drive should be easy. If it doesn't have a hatch then make sure you first Google for the correct way to dismantle the laptop safely.

If that doesn't help then unfortunately your hard drive has almost certainly died and gone to Heaven although you could remove it then connect it to another PC via a USB adapter and see if you can access any valuable files you may want to keep.

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