Dell Inspiron, Can't Accomodate Windows XP

  PC_Guru 13:26 16 Apr 2010

Recently i purchased a Dell Inspiron Laptop, not from any vendor but directly from Dell online. I was not an expert using Windows 7 and not even comfortable using it. I requested Dell Customer Support for removing my Windows7 and install windows xp in it. But they said that it can't have Windows XP at all. Not even if i try to do so by formating Window 7. Can anyone who is using this product give me some suggestion!

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  Technocrate 06:33 19 Apr 2010

Steps to downgrade windows 7 to xp

STEP 1. Open your Windows 7 drive (generally C drive) and make sure that you haven’t removed the Windows.old folder, which was created by Windows while installing Windows 7 on XP drive. Remember, without this folder you won’t be able to proceed further.

STEP 2. Now, check the size of Windows.old folder by right-clicking and then selecting properties. You need to make sure that Windows.old folder must be less than two times the amount of free hard drive space available on Windows 7 system drive (C drive). If the Windows.old folder size is two times larger, disable system restore utility and also use disk cleanup tool to get some free space.

STEP 3. Insert your Windows 7 installation disc into DVD-ROM and restart your system. Press any key when prompted to boot from DVD.

STEP 4. Choose your language, time, keyboard type and then click on Next button to continue.

STEP 5. In the Install Windows screen, click Repair your computer option to get System Recovery Options.

STEP 6. Now select your Windows 7 OS and note down your Windows 7 Drive letter before clicking on Next.

STEP 7. In the next window, click Command Prompt to start downgrading from Windows 7 to XP.

STEP 8. At first you need to transfer all the data of your Windows 7 drive to a folder. So type the following commands one by one and then press enter after each command (here we’re assuming that “D” is your Windows 7 drive letter).


Md Win7

Move Windows Win7\Windows

Move “Program Files” “Win7\Program Files”

Move Users Win7\Users

Attrib –h –s –r ProgramData

Move ProgramData Win7\ProgramData

Rd “Documents and Settings”

STEP 9. Next, you need to copy all the contents of Windows.old folder to the drive. Again, follow all the commands given below one by one and then press enter after each command.

move /y d:\Windows.old\Windows d:\

move /y “d:\Windows.old\Program Files” d:\

move /y “d:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings” d:\

STEP 10. Next, you need to restore the boot sector by typing the following command:

E:\boot\bootsect /nt52 d:

STEP 11. At last restore the boot.ini file by entering the following commands:

Attrib –h –s –r boot.ini.saved

Copy boot.ini.saved boot.ini

STEP 12. Now type Exit and restart your system to get back to Windows XP again.

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  Pineman100 17:22 19 Apr 2010

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