Dell inspiron 15 5000- black screen

  Saj1982 20:03 15 Jan 2017

Struggling to get my laptop to start up It wouldn't turn on at all so I removed the battery and it came on It takes around 5 mins to get to put my password in the another 5-10 minutes to get to the home screen/desktop then all I get it the blue circle for around 20 mins then the screen completely goes black with just the cursor showing, help!!!!! It's only a year old!

  Archonar 08:51 16 Jan 2017

When the screen goes black, press ctrl + alt + delete. If the menu appears open the task manager, click new task and type explorer.exe and press enter. Does the desktop show then?

  Saj1982 12:57 16 Jan 2017

Hiya no I've tried that too I've tried to start in safe mode just won't let me do anything at all

  Archonar 15:51 16 Jan 2017

Can you access the recovery partition? I think pressing F8 while booting up will bring up the menu (though I'm not 100% sure of this). If you can then maybe try a system restore?

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