Deleting files with names that are too long

  misterslate64 10:29 24 Jun 2012

I have two .csv files on my desktop that have names that are too long, windows 7 will not let me delete them or change the names to shorten them, I can drag them around the desktop and that is about all I can do. Heelllpppp

  misterslate64 10:37 24 Jun 2012

Each file is 237 characters long not including the .csv

  chub_tor 10:58 24 Jun 2012

A Google search of the problem shows that some people have had success with Unlocker others have used the Command Prompt that is available in Windows.

  misterslate64 13:10 24 Jun 2012

'fraid Command Prompt nor Unlocker worked

  difarn 14:57 24 Jun 2012

Read a blog that gave this solution:-

Make a shortcut to the recycle bin put the folder in there empty the recycle bin shortcut delete the shortcut

  lotvic 16:15 24 Jun 2012

The file manager in free prog 7zip is far more powerful than Windows Explorer you could try that to delete them.

In 7zip you just navigate to the file highlight it and click on delete.

  ams4127 18:15 24 Jun 2012

Try right clicking the file and changing the name to something shorter.

  chub_tor 09:56 26 Jun 2012

A further search has come up with this suggestion......

*"Find the folder in question in Explorer, Shift-Right-click and select Open Command Prompt here. Type "dir /x" (no quotes) to reveal the short file names next to the long file names. Then "del" (no quotes) and the short file name."*

Good luck

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