Delete Redundant Context Menu Entries

  wescliff 12:46 23 Mar 2018

A couple of uninstalled programs have left their entries in the right click context menu. I've disable them using shell menu view, but that doesn't delete them. Can't find them in the registry either. Just wondered if anyone knew of any tool or suchlike that will actually delete these things. Grateful for any help

  Gordon Freeman 12:57 23 Mar 2018

Have you tried using ccleaner?

  Gordon Freeman 12:59 23 Mar 2018
  wescliff 13:04 23 Mar 2018

Yep, they don't show up. Tools/Startup/Context Menu.

  Gordon Freeman 13:07 23 Mar 2018

Just wondering if that's because you've disabled them using the shell menu view? Is it possible to use that again to re-enable, then try with ccleaner as above? Just a thought.

  wescliff 13:19 23 Mar 2018

I thought that, but have managed to lose them anyway, searched the registry and found many entries relating to these apps. Deleted everything I found and they are now gone. Thanks for your help.

  Gordon Freeman 13:20 23 Mar 2018

OK good news. I thought you'd looked in registry but couldn't find them, so I didn't mention that. All sorted now however.

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