delete contacts in Gmail people tab

  Newuser3477 23:11 26 Dec 2013

In Google mail in Win 8 when I click on "people", then browse contacts I am transferred to a new folder containing all my contacts. Many of these people are now dead but I cannot see how to delete them Highlighting, right clicking provides no delete function.If I open up contact by left clicking there is no option to delete either.Help please

  rdave13 01:35 27 Dec 2013

Use a browser in desktop mode (old fashioned) and connect to your Gmail account. Top left you should see GMAIL with a down arrow to the right in a red icon, just above the 'Inbox'. Click on the down arrow then contacts and edit your contacts that are no longer there.

  rdave13 01:53 27 Dec 2013

How you do that is tick the box for the contact, click on the 'more' tab at the top then you get the option you want. You have a single chance to undo if you've made a mistake but that is all.

  Newuser3477 10:11 27 Dec 2013

Thanks for your response, I have already removed obsolete contacts the "old fashioned way on my PC with Win 7. I confirmed following your instructions that they are not there when I use the browser route on my Win 8 laptop.But they are still there when I go through the win 8 mail tile and open google mail, then people, then browse contacts. When I tick on the contact, there is no "more" at the top right in fact there is nothing top right. If I right click I get an add cancel option bottom right but this doesn't delete the entry. Any other ideas?. The most frustrating part of this situation is that these obsolete entries also appear in my Windows Live Mail contacts and I cannot delete them there either( the delete is grayed out) and a message states I cannot delete the name because it is being used elsewhere. The annoying thing is that these names appear as an option in the address bar of a new mail window when I start typing key letters. Any help on this contacts problem would be much appreciated Thanks

  rdave13 19:13 27 Dec 2013

Try this, open the 'People' tile in the start screen. Select all contacts then scroll to one you need deleting. Double left click to open then right click and select delete. See if it works this way. You might have to synch the mail app afterwards.

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