standard8 15:14 24 Aug 2008

Could anyone tell me why I had 52.3GB free on my disc and after defragmenting,I had 50.9GB free?I thought it would have been the opposite.

  sinbads 17:57 24 Aug 2008

Its not possible for the process of defragmentation to change the volume of your drive, it merely rearranges the files .Maybe some auto backup or system retore points made.

If you want to gain some space turn off system restore reboot and then enable you will loose all restore points ;but gain space

  skidzy 18:47 25 Aug 2008

Simply turning off system Restore will not cure your problem,only delay it for a while.

Your System Restore shadow storage needs reducing and this is how to do that click here

  standard8 19:22 25 Aug 2008

Thanks for the replies.I did a vssadmin list shadow storage and the results were:
Used Shadow Copy Storage space:1.827GB
Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space:2.051GB
Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space:10.374GB
Is this about right.
What prompted my question was that I was doing a bit of spring cleaning on my laptop.I had run cCleaner,did a disk clean up,got rid of all my old system restores except the most recent one and I had 52.3GB free of 69.1GB.I then did a defragment(Windows),checked to see what my free memory was.This was when I was surprised to see I now had only 50.9GB free of 69.1GB.I thought it would have increased my free GB.

  standard8 19:30 25 Aug 2008

I forgot to say that I still have just 1 System Restore,so the missing1.4GB was not caused by another System Restore being created.

  sinbads 20:43 25 Aug 2008

70gig hard drive is small by today's standards, where your 1.4 gig has gone i'm not sure; but install and maybe you will find whats taking up the space click here

  skidzy 21:54 25 Aug 2008

Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space should read around 7GB you can change this to suit your needs.

Do remember,Vista will need anything upto 15GB

  standard8 13:52 27 Aug 2008

Thanks for all the help.I looked at "TreeSize",but it is away too advanced for me,but I've noted it for the future.It'll be handy.
I've decided to leave my system restore the way it is at the moment.
Thanks again for the responses.

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