Data Recovery After Accidental Delete

  griffon56 14:34 13 Aug 2012

Hi All,

My Packard-Bell iMedia D2525uk running 64 bit Win7 comes as standard with 2 partitions, the C and the Data D. However, by default all stuff created is saved in a series of Libraries which is on the C partition.

Over the year or so I've owned the machine I've saved nearly all my stuff on the Data D partition, for obvious safety reasons! but noted that it seemed to be duplicated in the Libraries series of folders. In an attempt to prune the mass of duplicate folders I started backing them up and then deleting.

However, I made a mistake and, being presented with a dialogue box giving me a choice whether to permanently delete a folder too big to go in the recycle bin, I did so. The folder was on the Data D partition so I thought it wouldn't affect the duplicate one in the Libraries series, but it did and now I've lost all my documents.

Is there any method of recovering the lost data? I've got older backups but nothing to cover recent important stuff.

Hoping for the best.

  jamieamunra 14:53 13 Aug 2012

Hey there, Try using a recovery software like File Recover or O&O Unerase. In the future you might want to consider backing up to an external drive to avoid situations like this one. Good luck.

  xania 15:30 13 Aug 2012

I have found this a life-saver in the past

Make sure you don't write anything to the D:\ drive until you have got your lost files back.

Good luck.

  Number six 22:11 13 Aug 2012


As you may now have realised, data is not actually "duplicated" in your library folders. Libraries are merely a list of pointers, or shortcuts, which allow you to access all of your data from one convenient location (according to Microsoft!). Delete the original files on your D: drive, and their listing will also disappear from your library, as the file no longer exists.

  griffon56 18:06 14 Aug 2012

Thank you all for your valued responses. I've used Recuva and successfully restored the stuff I thought was lost forever. It's a good program but I think it could be improved by including the list of file endings which can often be found in the setups of photo and graphics editors and other software but which seems to be absent from dialogue boxes like Properties when you need to refresh your memory on what to look for.

We all know the common file endings like .docx .jpg and so on, but when it comes to the more obscure stuff you get from drawing programs like TOT-CAD and music editing programs like Steinberg Clean there is no ready reference.

Does anybody know the suffixes for TOT-CAD 1 and 2 drawings by any chance? I know they're different and they're not JPEG's or MPEG's. I would be grateful for any help in this direction.

However, the storm has passed owing to the help I've had so far, for which thanks once again.


  jamieamunra 17:15 20 Aug 2012

Hey buddy try .dwg .dwf .cad for CAD files, and .cpf for your Steinberg Clean files. Good luck

  NehwalSaina 12:24 06 Sep 2012

Any single case of boot sector corruption, improper formatting of hard disk, damage in partition structure or accidental deletion of data can make your important data inaccessible. Kernel for Windows is a competent Windows recovery software that recovers data lost due to Windows registry corruption or unexpected system shutdown. It also successfully recovers those data which have been permanently deleted.

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