Creation of a new partition and missing operating system error

  BAT7722 05:24 11 Dec 2014

Hi everyone

I did this stunt on a friend's laptop. Her laptop had windows 7 and had a single disk partition. I created a new partition from the disk management console of windows 7, and divided the existing 430GB hard drive into two partitions. However I made a mistake and I set the new partition as active!

and now the windows does not boot. She had windows 7 professional installed on her laptop. and i dont have any installer there for too. however i have a windows 7 SP1 installer downloaded. I also created a command prompt bootable USB but it wont access the primary hard disk partition that had windows i.e. c: to be honest, i dont even remember if that was c:

is there anything I could do to keep her data safe? as the prime purpose for creating a partition was to copy her data to the new partition and format the existing one to install a fresh copy of windows.

I need your quick suggestions. Please advise!

Thank you.

  StephenCrossland 18:53 11 Dec 2014

Sorry to hear of the madness. The belt and braces procedure would have encouraged a disk backup before meddling with the partition.

I think you could still read from the hard drive. Taking it out of the laptop and into a sata USB caddy.

I do hope you find an answer.


  rdave13 20:04 11 Dec 2014

Have a look here.

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