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Create a windows recovery usb from Recovery Disk

  PatCy 11:42 01 Mar 2017

Hello! Thank you for looking at this. I'm going to be as succint as possible, but there are a lot of things to be mentioned:

Main Problem:

Error message on windows startup(The message was not in english, can't paste it). The error message says that it was not possible to load the OS because there's a file missing, or it is corrupted. Error Code: 0xc0000225 File: \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe

Possible solutions: Recover system.

Secondary problem:

My laptop has no dvd drive. The disk had a recovery partition, but apparently that is not available either, because I can't find a 'recover' option on boot options. I have the Recovery Disk, another windows laptop with dvd drive, and I have an USB drive which I can use to boot the recovery. I need to know how to create an usb to recover windows, using the recovery disk. What I find online are ways to create that usb resorting to the recovery partition, not the disk.

Besides this, I would like to know if booting the Windows Recovery deletes the files, or if there's some possibility of that to happen. In that case, since I don't have a backup (I thought I had, but apparently it wasn't working properly), I also want to know whether it is possible to access the files first, to create a backup, before messing further with the system.

Context (and further question):

The error happened after I tried to install Linux on a secondary partition. In Windows, I created the free space by shrinking the (bigger) partition. Formated a bootable usb to install Linux (Mint). Using the instalation setup, created, from the free space, 2 partitions for linux (a root and a swap). When I clicked install, there was an error message saying "The ext4/swap system creation in partition failed". After this, I removed the usb to boot from windows again, and that's when the windows error screen appeared. Given the origin of the problem, is there some other possible solution, other than make the Windows System Recovery?

Machine/System: HP EliteBook 850 G2, 256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM. Windows 10.

Thanks, in advance, to those who will try to help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 01 Mar 2017

click here make the windows 10 media creation tool and an win 10 iso on USB

boot from the USB and try start up repair first

  PatCy 12:41 01 Mar 2017

Thank you Fruit Bat /\0/. I've looked into it, it is to re-install windows. But isn't that different from Recovering the existing system? And a bit more extreme, maybe? And how about recovering the files?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 01 Mar 2017

Yes you can reinstall windows from it or you can use it just like a standard windows DVD and select the repair options just as you would find in your Recovery partition.

The USB works as a repair option and as an install option ideal if you hard drive has failed you can either repair the drive files or even install to a new drive.

  PatCy 22:36 01 Mar 2017

I have created the usb as you suggested, but before making the recovery, I was trying to recover the files, following this methode: click here went all the way until the copy/paste files part, inside the 'notebook open window', but an error came when trying to paste: Error 0x80004005:Unspecified error. The folders from the drive I wanted to backup wouldn't open either.

What else can I do to backup the files, before making the system recovery?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 02 Mar 2017

Personally I would boot from the Live Linux (mint) USB / DVD (do not install it) and use that to mount the windows drive where your data is and copy the data to an external source.

I have windows on an SSD and my user folders on a partition on the hard drive that way if I have to restore / reset windows my data is safe.

Being paranoid about my data :0) I also use Macrium reflect free to make and image of both my windows partition and data partition in case of problems. Windows and data can be restore from the image in minutes. Or the data can be extracted from the image as well very easily if required.

  PatCy 13:09 02 Mar 2017

I need to become paranoid about my data too -_- Once this is over I definitly have to work on creating backups and stuff, and I'll look at your suggestions.

I opted for taking the disk out and connect it to the other laptop, to retrieve the files. It didn't work yet, since the disk in not being recognized, but I'm working on that.

If this doesn't work, I'll then try to boot with Linux from usb. But the thing is, this all happened because I was trying to install Linux. I probably messed up creating the partitions, but still, I can mess up again in the Linux environment. Also, before the problem happened, I tried to acess the files I had in the windows partition from the Linux environment, and it didn't let me. does the retrieve files by booting with linux work?

Thank you for your replies.

  pitersionneil 07:12 20 Mar 2017

Thank you for the informative post on creating a Windows recovery USB from Recovery disk. There are also some professional Windows data recovery software available that can help you to recover lost data from a Windows hard disk. You can get the help of Google to choose such a software.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:43 20 Mar 2017

looks like spam from pitersionneil

  ddziryan 06:19 24 Mar 2017

Windows USB Burning Tool and Rufus are good free tools to make recovery disk on Windows. Here is a nice post on how to do that.

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