claridge 11:08 01 Nov 2013

Have been using on mains with battery out, had it sleeping and hubby turned off power when doing rewiring somewhere in the house. When I tried to start it after all I got was white screen, I could hear it doing all the normal things but still white screen. Tried starting in safe mode, no go! So no curser nothing, eventually after about 45 mins got it to open up for a few seconds it was in safe mode then converted to normal. If I leave lid up and let it sleep in that mode can go back and reawaken etc. If I turn off completely I'm back to square one and probably another hour of trying all sorts and eventually get it all working. I am almost 70 yrs of age but not afraid of a challenge and have previously replaced hard drive when that died on the same machine. Tried to research using my nexus and wondering if it is the video card or a much bigger problem. Realise this might be the time I need to consider a new machine and in which case will be looking for a budget 15/16 inch screen. I don't play games do downloading much. Advice on both fronts if possible please, don't really want to give up on this one but also don't want it to be a false economy ie not prepared to spend loads on it now.Almost forgot on one occasion when I tried to update driver I also lost the screen.

  chub_tor 16:59 01 Nov 2013

You say that if you leave the lid up and let it sleep then it is OK but if you turn it off completely it doesn't come back. Is that with the lid up or down? I'm wondering if the action of putting the lid down is affecting the connection to the display and that you have a loose connection somewhere.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:24 02 Nov 2013

In device manager uninstall the graphics driver (nvidea) reboot and let windows find and reinstall the driver.

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