CPU Upgrade on Packard Bell system

  Audio~~Chip 13:38 30 Nov 2008

HiYa all,

Friend asked if I can upgrade the CPU on her Packard Bell Model IStart D2314, & Bell S/n:818007840334 which house a ECS motherboard Bell call the Denver its actually a ECS MCP73VT-PM v1

Packard bell state it can support upto 1066FSB and other newer intels but my thought is with it being windows Vista Premium pre-installed, if upgrading to say a Duo Core E7300 CPU would this cause Vista Activation to go off with a hardware change.

Reason being the basic CPU fitted is the lowest Duo core and its sluggish.

Thank U.

  chub_tor 14:40 30 Nov 2008

The sluggishness is more likely to be to do with the amount of RAM that he has rather than the processor. I know that this doesn't answer your question but make sure that he has the maximum amount of RAM he can install first.

  Audio~~Chip 15:04 30 Nov 2008

I will get back when I have her CPU model No. in a bit. The windows is Vista 32bit Premium. Has 2x DIMM Slots I know the max for this is 3GB but they donna make 1.5GB Dimms yet. Would that extra 1GB really be advantageous ?

  Audio~~Chip 15:12 30 Nov 2008

I think this anyway. She as a Duo Core E2160 which is showing as 1.85Ghz. research shows it has a 800MHz FSB and low l2 cache.

Again, my main question is would upgrading the CPU cause problems with Vista Activation? when its already installed as its Pre-installed. I remember XP didn't like too many component changes is vista the same ?

  chub_tor 09:25 01 Dec 2008

You are correct that 32 bit versions of Vista and XP don't register much more than 3Gb of Ram but you can put in 2 sticks of 2Gb for maximum use. I upgraded from 2 x 512Mb and got a big difference.

My guess is that changing the CPU would require re-validation but I have never found this a problem. If it won't allow you to do it online then the screen gives you a phone number to call. As long as you have all the details to hand and type them in as they are dictated to you it then re-validation by phone is not a problem.

I have re-validated my system several times because of upgraded changes and found the procedure simple.

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