CPU high temperature and fan speed errors

  Lamppex 20:01 10 Nov 2018

I have this issue whenever I start up my pc, it gives me the following errors:-

CPU high temperature error


CPU fan speed error

Forces me to go into my BIOS. There, I noticed the CPU temperature is stuck at 89°C and that my CPUfan has N/A while the Cha2fan has around 2100 RMP which is supposed to be my Corsair H45 water cooling fan not the radiator.

Should I switch them the way around? Connecting the pump cable on the Cha2fan and the Fan cable on the CPUfan?

Because the Corsair instruction manual says the opposite, and I followed it.

Note: I have been using my pc completely fine the past 2 years with 45°C CPU temperature, and everything was working.

  Flat Earther 20:32 10 Nov 2018

I would swap them, radiator pump on CHAFAN2 in DC mode, and the fan on CPUFAN in PWM mode.

You want the pump at full speed at all times, with the fan adjusting to temps. Sounds like you might have a pump issue though.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:06 13 Nov 2018

Agree with Flat Earther, at least for testing purposes and permanently if it fixes your problem.

  wee eddie 13:04 13 Nov 2018

It sounds to me as if your Radiator is clogged with dust

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