cpu and gpu overheating or are these's normal temp

  [email protected] 21:35 12 Jan 2016

ok ill try and keep this short and simple, i have a intel i7 4790k and a msi 980ti lighting. i have 5 fans in the case and a watercooler 2 front fans 140mm intake 3 top 120mm outtake and the watercooler is a cosair hydro h75 with two 120mm cosair fans on it. and when i do stress tests with intel or burnintest or when i use a becnchmark for the gpu i can see the cpu and gpu are hitting 70c.

so is this normal or not and if its not noraml how can i fix this problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 13 Jan 2016

If its only hitting 70 during stress tests then its good.

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