Couple of questions new to W10

  gazmix 16:05 15 Sep 2018

Hi So I got new 2nd hand pc, Windows 10 that came with Avg installed.. It was messing the updates up so I uninstalled and now just rely on Windows firewall and defender, is this adequate?

Updates are on but I have to click 'check for updates' to see them and then they download, I thought it was done automatically?

Help appreciated

  john bunyan 18:57 23 Oct 2018

I think Windows Defender and firewall are fine , along with Malawarebytes. The free version is not on all the time and has to be updated and run manually. IMHO it is the one item I would pay to have the Premium version. For me it has occasionally stopped PUP,s etc. It may prevent access to a few sites that try to download unauthorised extra. I have it on both my PC,s and on those of 2 adult grandchildren.

  john bunyan 18:58 23 Oct 2018

Sorry for accidentally posting twice

  gazmix 20:06 23 Oct 2018

What's the best combination if using a 3rd party av or firewall

  john bunyan 22:08 23 Oct 2018

IMHO : Defender; MBAM Premium, Windows firewall. Others will , I am sure, suggest a paid for a/v such as Kaspersky. I prefer my combination that has stood the test of time

  wee eddie 23:22 23 Oct 2018

Windows Firewall and Kaspersky AV (Paid version), with CCleaner and Malwarebytes run weekly

  gazmix 17:24 26 Oct 2018

OK thanks I'll try malwarebytes again. I hear it should turn off certain things in Windows defender or firewall like Avg does. So I guess that's how it is.

  john bunyan 17:32 26 Oct 2018

I may be wrong but I do not think MBAM has any effect on Defender or Windows firewall. AVG is an anti virus so does replace Defender but MBAM is not, it is an anti malware and PUP stopper/ defence.

  shjs 09:20 29 Oct 2018

After switching to AOL Shield. I have trouble with windows 10, It become too slow and hangs very frequently.

  gazmix 13:45 17 Nov 2018

OK I got malwarebytes working fine but still prob with auto updates settings.. I set my times I use pc and put in hybernate when not in use however it seems I have to click on 'check for updates' manually to download them?

  gazmix 22:37 22 Nov 2018

Cheers. The 'choose when updates are installed' dropdown menu says 'Semi-annual channel' or 'Semi-annual channel(targeted). Not sure what this means.

Thanks rdave I will try default settings if can get them back, I guess manually checking is best for son things at times.

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