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Couple of questions new to W10

  gazmix 16:05 15 Sep 2018

Hi So I got new 2nd hand pc, Windows 10 that came with Avg installed.. It was messing the updates up so I uninstalled and now just rely on Windows firewall and defender, is this adequate?

Updates are on but I have to click 'check for updates' to see them and then they download, I thought it was done automatically?

Help appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 15 Sep 2018

Update settings click here AVG and Avast seem to have become bloated in recent years so I have moved to the paid for version of Kaspersk but there is now a free version.

A lot of people just use Defender and windows firewall it has improved vastly from what it was.

  gazmix 19:09 15 Sep 2018

Thanks, in Settings > update & security > advanced options and the 'choose when updates are installed' drop down box there is no 'automatic recommended' just 'Semi-annual channel (targeted)' and 'Semi-annual channel'

  gazmix 18:13 17 Sep 2018

So yeah the drop down option of automatic update in advanced options isn't there. I am using w10 Pro.

  gazmix 14:36 21 Sep 2018

This is what i get in advanced options & the dropdown menu:-

click here


  gazmix 19:37 02 Oct 2018

Any advice appreciated, as I say it's pro version so maybe different drop down box as in the pic above.

  gazmix 23:13 06 Oct 2018

Cheers rdave, do you mean keep same settings in my pic 'semi-annual channel targeted'? i do a manual check but in this case i have to as theres no auto updat on.

I tried Malwarebytes free but it interfered with everything. I hope i get the rescent update, i checked half hour ago & says i'm all up to date.

  gazmix 21:33 12 Oct 2018

Thanks, so I should leave setting at that? Another question is what's the best combination of security settings? I'm currently using both Windows defender and firewall which recently using with Microsoft Edge the all hell broke loose multiple tabs loading up because when I got chance to tick 'always ask' or 'always-never ask again', I accidentally clicked the latter. How can I reverse this in Edge plz? Sorry long winded just saves me opening other threads.

Help appreciated

  gazmix 17:15 14 Oct 2018

Appologies rdave, i streamed some football using Edge & accidentally clicked a link that created multiple tabs to open & a high pitched noise so i thought it could be a virus which led me to question my security. I currently use defender & windows firewall & wondered if it was adequate or should i use download a different AV.

  gazmix 18:00 23 Oct 2018

Also I heard malwarebytes free version is compatible with defender and Firewall! I installed it and I couldn't access certain parts of Windows security. Help appreciated

  john bunyan 18:55 23 Oct 2018

I think Windows Defender and firewall are fine , along with Malawarebytes. The free version is not on all the time and has to be updated and run manually. IMHO it is the one item I would pay to have the Premium version. For me it has occasionally stopped PUP,s etc. It may prevent access to a few sites that try to download unauthorised extra. I have it on both my PC,s and on those of 2 adult grandchildren.

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