Cortona window store and TV tiles stopped working

  Billp64 15:52 14 Dec 2016

Had the problem today and put the computer back which solved it but windows 10 updates were available and once restarted Cortona would not work. Start menu works but Store and Film and TV tiles are blanked out. Has anyone else had this problem today with the updates and how do I solve it please. Just would like Cortona to work again if possible.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 14 Dec 2016

Right click start - select Command prompt (admin) - type

sfc /scannow

press enter

windows willscan for and replace missing or corrupt windows files.

type exit when its finished

Power - Restart ( not shutdown)

after its rebooted see if that has solved the problems.

  Billp64 18:45 14 Dec 2016

Tried that but did not find a problem and restarted. Now the store Icon has gone completely I may have to put the computer back again and see what happens then, whether it is the downloads of today causing a problem but there were quite a few as I have office as well.

  Billp64 19:49 14 Dec 2016

I have put the computer back again and now working again but have not done the downloads of today so will see and not bother today. Thanks for your help but I still don't know what happened, or why as Win 10 has been good normally.

  Billp64 12:38 15 Dec 2016

After system restore and the update today things working but some tiles and windows store suddenly blanked out. Found powershell fix on net but I got a mass of red so not sure if it works or not until re-start. Is there an easy way to get windows store and tiles working. thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 15 Dec 2016

Autofix click here

  Billp64 14:01 15 Dec 2016

Thanks but computer just updated again, now Cortona failed again and other tiles not working and your link won't open in two browsers but tried that earlier and it failed to repair just said download again but from where.

  Billp64 15:18 15 Dec 2016

When I use system restore most work just one tile that didn't when updated again today I get the failures so not sure why but as I can use machine will just have to carry on without cortona and tiles working unless these can be downloaded as the powershell didn't work either. Just running DISM scan now to see if that finds anything. Most odd why this has happened, no point keep putting machine back as downloads wipe it out again.

  Billp64 09:58 16 Dec 2016

I have managed to get store working by turning on windows firewall, I use Avast should both be on. Still can't get Cortona or store calendar to load

  Billp64 09:38 17 Dec 2016

Thanks Fruit Bat fro trying to help, there must have been a problem some time hat I hadn't noticed and latest update triggered it. I contacted Microsoft and great help and service the chap downloaded to a flash drive a setup Win 10 so now all going again. I do back up with Acronis but must of backed up the problem as well. will now wipe external drive and start back ups again. Cheers and thanks

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