Corrupted MBR

  tamsin 17:08 27 Nov 2009

Please can someone tell me how to recover this situation. Have multiboot system - WIN7 HOme Premium 64 bit - Vista home Premium 32 bit and XP.
All booted beatifully. But MBR is now corrupt and I can only get into Vista.
Bearing in mind I am not very knowledgeable in this area - how can I recover a good MBR?

  LinH 19:06 27 Nov 2009


Try a free app. called EasyBCD, I think I am right in saying that it will reconstruct your corrupt MBR as well as enable you to choose which is the boot partition.


  Miké 20:18 27 Nov 2009

Yes I can confirm that this will enable you to reconstruct the Windows bootloader click here

  tamsin 13:58 28 Nov 2009

Have tried Easy BCD but it appears my boot record is locked - Heeeeelp. Please.

  Zeppelyn 16:05 30 Nov 2009

Dont understand what you mean re boot record locked? Have you tried the Add/Remove entries option in Easy BCD?

Another option is when the boot menu appears, highlight the Windows 7 entry and press F8. The first option is Repair my computer, select this and choose Startup Repair. This can also be done by booting with a Win 7 or Vista DVD.

  tamsin 16:17 05 Dec 2009

Sorry for delay - have been away.
I have tried repairing my computer using WIN7 disc and also Repair from within Vista - both to no avail.

I no longer get any option to boot from a program - my computer automatically goes into Vista. Have totally lost contact with WIN7 and XP.
Saw on MS WIN7 forum that I could boot from WIN7 disc and install until the boot option came up - then stop install and go to %Windows_temp and delete all startup options and that I needed bootrec.ece/fixmbr and bootrec.exe/fixboot. No further information though.

I dont know which files are start up files to be deleted and as for the bootrec files I have no idea where to find them or what to do with them.
MS forums are not at all explicit.
Does any of this make sense to you??

  Zeppelyn 21:54 05 Dec 2009

Easy BCD is the answer to your problem.

  sunnystaines 18:04 08 Dec 2009

Bootrec tool in a Command Prompt

  sunnystaines 18:06 08 Dec 2009

forgot the link

click here

  tamsin 23:29 09 Dec 2009

Thanks sunnystaines - will try this.
Easy BCD just is not rewriting the MBR and I am too scared to delete the Boot folder in case I lose all access.

  tamsin 10:53 11 Dec 2009

I decided to reinstall WIN7 and regain my MBR that way - so now is all working well. Thanks for all your help. Sorry I did not seem to be able to get it right any other way.

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