correcting text layout on ms office 2010? please need help as soon as possible.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:54 26 Sep 2011

In college right now, so would be greatful if could have answer straight away.

what my prob is, is that in powerpoint 2010, when writing, when text in the same sentence appears on the next line, it does not start in the same position as were the start of the paragrath appears. it is like as so I have put some spaces in front.

Is there any way to correct this and get all text to start to appear at the same position on a new line rather than having each new line in the same paragraph appear a few spaces after where the first word appears?

I hope I have made it clear


  QuizMan 14:38 26 Sep 2011

By default, Powerpoint is set to centre-align text. Try changing the alignment to the left. Control L is the keyboard shortcut

  Jwbjnwolf 16:49 26 Sep 2011

I will try doing a screen shot as that dont work

  Jwbjnwolf 21:47 26 Sep 2011

thanks Woolwell, will try when get into college. Like the tags? describes exactly what I think of office 2007/2010 and win7.

Have installed windows 8 dev preview on my sisters netbook next to qimo linux and it works lovely, alot better than xp, and is so much quicker at starting up and shutting down. I am amazed on how good it, although it is near enough win7 but nicer.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:05 27 Sep 2011

sorted now, Im guessing you meant the ruler? I tapped into help paragraph which led me to a help topic that was of use to my problem.

So Got this sorted.

I must admit, the one feature that I love with 2010 is the remove background tool for pictures, a lot more advanced than 2003. but Am running 2003 on my netbook which i gladly say has windows 8 on. It is so much nicer than windows 7.

Soon I may give a little video on how I sorted this so that Visitors can benefit from it a lot if they run into the same prob as me but don't understand this.



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